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Ideas of fermentation food for your ethical life from Japan

Why I love fermented foods so much?

I use Japanese fermented food products for my everyday meals. Because fermented food products create a better taste and also support a healthier lifestyle.

I want to share the idea of how to have a healthy and tasty life with fermentation products, such as miso or soy sauce.

Why fermentation foods are tasty? 

Soy sauce is made with fermented soy beans. The bacterias create complex amino acids during the fermentation process. We feel great taste by these amino acids such as glutamic acid in soy sauce.

Why fermented foods are healthy?

During the fermentation process, bacteria create nutritions which original materials do not contain. For example there are lot of peptide contained in miso. Bacteria create peptide when digesting the soy beans.

Peptide helps human body to balance immunity, hormone, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Also, it is useful to reduce body weight because you get better metabolism.

Isn’t it difficult to use?

No, the use is very easy. Of course you need some knowledge for how to choose and use for your everyday meal. But I can tell you them on this web site. I wish you eat tasty & healthy with my web site.

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