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3 reasons why Kikkoman is the best soy sauce

Which soy sauce should we buy?

Nowadays soy sauce is one of the most popular fermented foods from Japan. You can find a lot of different sauces from different brands. Soy sauce is made out of fermented soy beans with bacterias. It has a very rich and deep flavor by more than 20 different amino acids.

Why kikkoman is the best

It is important we chose the right product for ourselves. I tried a lot of different brands and I found Kikkoman is the best for soy sauce. There are 3 reasons.

1.Great taste and naturally brewed

You see the ingredients of Kikkoman are only ‘soy bean’, ‘wheat’, and ‘salt’. This is the proof that it has been naturally brewed by bacteria. Some of cheap other soy sauces are made without the real fermentation process.

2. Healthy

Kikkoman sauce is healthy. Because small amounts of it can give enough flavor to your cooking by which you can save the total amount of salt you take every day. Also, it has 300 different nutrients. Some of them are useful to enhance your immune system (lysine), or for the antioxidant effect (ascofuranone), and also for allergy suppression (pectin).

3. Easy to find

Kikkoman is available in more than 100 countries all over the world. It has more than 50% share in the world.

Don’t buy cheap soy sauce

Don’t do that. I know you can find cheaper products in the shop. And I tried to buy cheaper soy sauces from super markets in Europe, too. But the taste was awful most of time. It seems some sauces include artificial caramel color to make it dark and chemicals for flavor without real fermentation. Fermentation process takes 6 to 12 months. So this is why proper soy sauce is not cheap.

Kikkoman is the best brand

Definitely, Kikkoman is the best brand for soy sauce. Of course there are lot of other small brands in Japan. They produce tasty and characteristic soy sauce but you can start from Kikkoman. I hope you enjoy your food with nice soy sauce!

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