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3 tips to maximize the benefit of drinking Yakult

Drinking Yakult everyday can help you to get a healthier life. It contains 400,000,000 Shirota bacteria per bottle. These bacteria can reach your intestine. They work to create better balance in there. You can have even more benefits, if you know 3 tips when you drink Yakult.

You can maximize the benefit easily

  1. Drink after breakfast
  2. Drink at room temperature
  3. Shake it well

1) Drink Yakult after breakfast. Because Shirota bacteria is not strong against stomach acid. You better eat something before you drink Yakult to make the stomach acid weaker. Because having alive bacteria is most important for drinking Yakult.

2) Drink Yakult at room temperature. Shirota bacteria become more effective when it is around 36℃. So take Yakult out of the fridge 15 min before you drink it. (Do not make Yakult hot or cold. Even though frozen Yakult is very tasty…)

3) Shake it well. Yakult contains a lot of bacteria. They easily precipitate sediment at the bottom of the bottle. It happens because Yakult has no artificial thickener or stabilizer. So shake it before you drink.

You can also get Yakult plus

You can get Yakult plus in some countries. It is Yakult with dietary fiber and vitamin C and 30% calorie off. Of course you can use same 3 tips to make the benefit from it stronger.

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