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Why I drink Yakult everyday?

Yakult can deliver a better intestinal condition

Yakult is a functional drink with special bacteria (Loctobacillus paracasei Shirota bacteria) for your health. This bacteria can help to create a better intestinal condition. So this is why I drink it everyday.

Also useful to get better immunity

Your intestine is not used only for digesting foods. It’s also used for immunity to protect your body from disease. So you can become stronger against diseases by drinking Yakult.

What does it taste like?

Yakult is easy to drink. It has a sweet yogurt like flavor. It’s very tasty. You can keep it in your fridge.


1 pack (65ml × 5) of Yakult is 2 ~ 4 Euro in Europe. Yes, it’s not cheap compared with other drinks. But I am happy to pay this money, if I consider the function of Yakult and how much benefit I can have from it.

Drink every day!

This is important you drink Yakult every day because functional bacteria can survive only few days in your intestine.

3 tips to maximize benefit of drinking Yakult

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