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Natto is great food for athletes for 3 reasons.

What is Natto?

Natto is a Japanese fermented soy food. This is a simple natural food made out of only soy beans and special bacteria (Nattokinase).

Why Natto is great for athletes?

There are 3 reasons why natto is a great food for athletes. It contains vitamin K, protein and Nattokinase.

Vitamin K is necessary for our body to create bones and for the maintenance of our bones. It is useful for athletes to get stronger bones and reduce the risk for fractures. It works better, if you eat natto with food that contains a lot of calcium.

Protein is necessary for us to create muscle, skin and organs. Natto contains protein and this protein is easier for us to digest compared to protein in normal soy beans.

Nattokinase is a special bacteria we only can get from natto. It reduces the risk of diseases in blood vessels. Therefore natto is the only food that can remove an existing thrombosis (research from Gifu university in Japan).

Where you can buy?

Natto is not super popular yet in Europe. Maybe you can not find it in local supermarkets. Check out asian supermarkets and you may find frozen natto. You can defrost it in the fridge one day before you eat. Don’t use the microwave because you kill all Nattokinase.

Can you buy fresh Natto?

Of course fresh natto tastes better. You can oder natural natto from below links.

NYrture (NY, USA), Natto24 (Frankfurt, Germany)

You can not handle the taste?

I like the taste of natto, but understand that some people can not accept the distinctive taste and smell. You can find some supplements made out of natto. So you can get some benefit of eating natto. You can google the keywords “natto, suppliment”.

Natto is a wonderful food

Natto is wonderful food for athletes. I hope you can improve life with natto!

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