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Easiest miso supe recipes!

Miso soup is a wonderful healthy food

Miso soup is very nutoricilous. It contains soy protein, vitamin, dietary fiber and minerals. You get a better body balance if you drink it every day.

You can drink miso soup even on busy mornings

I know it is not easy to drink it every day, because not everyone has time to cook soup. So please use my recipe. This is the easiest miso soup recipe ever.

How to make

  • miso (2 tea spoons)
  • powder dashi (1 tea spoon)
  • favorite dry ingredient (sea weed, sesame seed, spring onion, etc…)

Mix all materials and make small miso balls. Then wrap them into cellophane. Thats all! You put the balls into hot water (not boiling as boiling water destroys the miso taste) and stir. Then you drink. You can keep the miso balls for 1 week in fridge or 1 month in freezer.

Isn’t the packaged instant miso soup easier?

Yes, instant miso soup is easier… But there are two strong benefits for self made miso ball soup. The miso ball is cheaper than instant packaged miso soup. One miso ball costs only 10 – 12 cents. For everyday drinking this is more cost efficient. And of course it has better nutrition than packaged instant miso soup powder.

Drink miso soup every day!

I hope this miso ball recipe brings miso and you closer than before!

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