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Miso soup for beautiful skin, hangover and a light stomach

You can cook varieties of miso soups to have good effects on your health. Miso is already healthy, because it contains a lot of vitamins and amino acid, but you can enhance the power even more, if you chose the right ingredients.

Miso + tofu + seaweed = beautiful skin

Tofu contains a lot of soy protein. It can help your body to renew the skin and keep it look young. Seaweed (wakame) contains potassium and alginate. They help you to have a strong and healthy kidney which leads to less water deposits in your body. It is the perfect soup for your everyday care.

Miso + Nameko (mushroom) + spring onion = hangover

Nameko helps your liver to work well and recover quickly from too much alcohol. And spring onions help your body recovering from exhaustion. It’s a perfect breakfast after having a wild fun night.

Miso + Japanese reddish + cabbage = light stomach

These ingredients contain dietary fiber (Japanese reddish 1.6g /100g and cabbage 2.5/100g) that helps to clean your stomache. Cabbage also contains vitamin U. It helps to protect you from mean stomach ulcer. Japanese reddish contains amylase which supports your digestion. It’s a perfect drink when your stomach feels heavy.

Miso soup helps your health

You can drink your customized soup for make your health better. I hope you will find something interesting from my blog!

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