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The best dish made from miso on this planet, Miso-nikomi Udon

I love this noodle soup most from all foods.

I hope I can introduce this food well to you by this article. I am too excited to write about this, because Miso-nikomi Udon is my favorite food and only my home town (Nagoya) has it. I introduced it to my friends from other area of Japan (or from other countries) and they all love it!

What is Miso-nikomi Udon?

This is udon (noodle) with black miso soup. It contains really thick udon noodles, chicken, egg, and spring onion. The color of soup is dark brown which comes from the unique black miso. The restaurants serve it in small pots and the soup is still boiling when it comes to the table. This is the original style and very tasty.

Isn’t it just udon in miso soup?

No! It is not udon noodles plainly put in miso soup. Most people – even in Japan – imagine the common miso taste, but it is nothing lite that. The special rich and umami (I will write another article to explain the sensation of umami) flavor comes from a special black miso called Hatcho miso.

3 unique characteristics of black miso

The black miso is unique. Only my town uses black miso in Japan. This miso has 3 outstanding points.

1) Perfect for stewed style cooking

It is heat resistant. Other sorts of miso loose flavor when the temperature reaches to 90℃. However, black miso dosen’t. Therefore it is suitable for stewed style cooking.

2) Rich flavor

Black miso has the longest aging period among any Japanese miso. They need 2 to 3 years to get ready. This process creates many amino acids by fermentation and the deep flavor gives a great sensation on our tongue.

3) Salty and bitter

This miso is not as sweet as other miso. And it is a little bitter. This bitter taste give a nice small accent to the taste. So definitely you don’t feel this is just noodles put in common miso soup.

The best shop 

You can visit the shop Yamamotoya Honten.in Nagoya. This shop originally created the Miso-nikomi udon and until today has the best taste in all Nagoya.

Yamamotoya (in front of Nagoya station)

Daiichi Horiuchi Bldg. B1F, 3-25-9 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi

Yamamotoya (Esca shopping center)

Esca Underground Shopping Center, 6-9 Tsubaki-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi

Link for Tripadvisor. All the people say it was amazing!


The reason I go back to Japan for holiday is eating Miso-nikomi udon. I hope you can try it once!

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