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Daitokai – Great satisfaction for tongue & eyes.

First time for Teppanyaki

I went to Japanese restaurant Daitokai in Cologne, Germany. It was my first time to try Teppanyaki ( foods cooked by iron griddle). I don’t really go to high class restaurant but it was a great chance to try it. And the result was just fantastic. I would like to share it with you!

The restaurant was established by Kikkoman

I was curious for 2 things. Of course the taste of my first Teppanyaki, And how good the restaurant itself because it was established by my favorite soy sauce brand Kikkoman. They opened it in 1973.

The entertainment in foods!

I ordered 60 Euro “Iroli special”. This course contains below dishs

  • Small appetizer
  • Rolled sushi
  • Grilled seafood (king prawn, salmon, scallop with vegetables)
  • Grilled stake ( French red beef)
  • Rice and vegetables
  • Ice cream and fruits

You can chose 74 euro course but 60 euro one was already both enough quality and quantity. I sat down the chair and a waitress gave me steamed hand towel for refreshment. I felt it was a nice service for feel the welcomeness.

I oder Kirin beer. It was nice light taste which was great match with juicy grilled foods. They have a variety of Sake and other Japanese requires if you want.

Sea food grill was awesome. Each sea food were low eaten level fresh. Nothing negative smell or taste. The well trained chef cook them in front of your seat. His knife technique was wonderful. How he cook was perfect. The surface of sea foods were crunchy with great roasted aroma. on the other hand, in side of it was juicy. I can feel how does he cook was enhancing the taste of seafood very well.

The main dish was also cooked in from of my seat. It was a beef stake. The French red meat was nicely soft. I enjoyed the rich taste of the red meat. Of course the source is made with Kikkoman soy source. It perfectly enhance the taste of meat. The chef create the source by a griddle just before you eat. So the aroma of soy source, garlic, butter are so fresh.

Matcha ice served at the end of course. The taste was great and it made my tongue so refresh.

I am happy for the price

I payed 60Euro + drinks. I am totally happy for that they gave me. I would like to oder Teppan ice (flamed ice cream) next time.

Feel the joy for eating!

I can recommend this restaurant for not only people who is looking for eat Japanese foods. Because of level of foods, the service, atmosphere, price, everything were perfect. Please add this restaurant to your list!



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