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Konjak – Unbelievably low calorie food

I would like to share this miracle food with you!

Do you know this special food called Konjak? It’s an incredible low calorie product. And it is easy to use for your every day meals. I found it is not super popular in many countries yet, so I have the passion to share it with you!

Only 7 caloriea per 100g! Konjak is made out of Konjak potato.

The example how Konjak is cooked the traditional way
The Konjak potato: It is not eatable like it looks on the photo. It has poison and needs a long process to neutralize it.

The very low calories is the most outstanding quality of Konjak. It has only 7 kcal per 100g. You can recognize how low this really is when you compare it with white bread which has 364 kcal per 100g. You can have low calorie food then you replace flour based foods like pasta and Konjak might be perfect for that.

One more reason of why Konjak is good:

40% of the constituent in Konjak is the glucomannan which expands in your stomach and becomes a larger volume. So you feel satisfaction even you eat a little. It also cleans your digestive organs. Using this functional food is not difficult. You better know that it needs 30 min to expand in your stomach. So you need to eat slowly.

How do you eat Konjak?

It is difficult to imagine the taste just by seeing the photos. It has a jelly like texture, but actually no strong own taste. So you can put on any flavor you like.

Pasta like Konjak

Zenpasta made from Konjak
The rice type Zenpasta also made from Konjak

In Italy, France, and US noodles made from Konjak are getting popular recently. The name of the product is Zenpasta. The material is Konjak, but it looks like Italian pasta. Even rice shaped Konjak is available. It can be used like normal rice, but the calorie is low.


I hope you got a basic idea of Konjak now. I hope you try it out one time to enjoy the texture and different flavors.

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