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Recipe for Kimchi

You can make Kimchi at home!

Kimchi is Korean pickles produced by fermentation processes. If you love spicy food, you will also love Kimchi. The spicy flavor is very distinctive. It is the most popular Korean side dish so you have to try it at least once.

It is not so difficult.

You can buy Kimchi from shops in Europe, but it’s not so tasty sometimes. So let’s make Kimchi at home. It’s not difficult.

Materials you need


  • Chinese cabbage: 1.5kg
  • Salt: 50g
  • Water: 250ml

Ingredients for the spicy paste

  • Apple: 100g
  • Garlic: 20g
  • Ginger: 20g
  • Spring onion: 20g
  • Fish sauce: 20g
  • Chilies powder (fine): 1.5 table spoons
  • Chilies powder (medium fine): 1.5 table spoons
  • Sugar: 0.3 table spoons
  • Sesame seed: 0.5 table spoons


  • Cut the Chinese cabbage in to small pieces and wash them well.
  • Put the Chinese cabbage into a big bowl. Then put salt into the bowl and knead it into the cabbage. Finally fill the water into the bowl.
  • Put a heavy weight on the cabbage and wait for 3 hours.
  • Put the cabbage into a strainer and let the water drip off. Wait for 2 hours.
  • Put in all the spicy sauce ingredients (except the spring onions) into a food processor and make the paste.
  • Slice the spring onion in 1mm pieces and put them into the spicy sauce.
  • Mix the spicy sauce and the Chinese cabbage and put them into a ziplock or container.
  • Keep it in a fridge and you can start eating Kimchi after 3 days.

You can enjoy Kimchi everyday.

You can enjoy Kimchi by reasonable costs and great taste with this recipe. I hope you enjoy it!

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