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Burdock is hidden gourmet

Have you ever tried eating burdock?

First of all, I didn’t know I can buy burdock from a supermarket in Europe. I believe it is not a popular food in Europe. I found the pack of burdock was displayed in the vegetable section of supermarket inconspicuous. Actually, it is tasty and healthy but you need a little tip for that. So I would like to share how we cook it by this article!

It is vegetable. not a random sticks from park.

Chose carefully

Chose the burdock which is not dry, or old. You keep in the

It contains polyphenol

Some of the burdocks have a bitter taste. It is derived from polyphenol which is also red wine contain. It is good for protecting you from cerebral infarction and Arteriosclerosis. But if you cannot accept bitter taste, you can soak it in water for 1 min.

How do you cook it?


  • Burdock 150g (cut in small)
  • Carrot 50g (cut in small)
  • Cooking wine, Sugar, Soy sauce (2 cooking spoons each)
  • Powder dashi, sesame seeds (1 tea spoon each)


  • Heat a frying pan and put in cooking oil 1 cooking spoon.
  • Put in burdock, carrot, beef in the frying pan, fry until they become little soft.
  • put in Cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, chilli, sesame seeds and wait 2 to 3 min.
  • Done!

The reason why I eat it

I prefer eating it with white rice. I enjoy the texture. Also it is healthy because it contain a lot of dietary fiber.

Try it!

It is not expensive to buy burdock in some European countries, I hope you can try it with my recipe!

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